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Adjusting My Crown

You may feel like you’ve been bent backward and forward beyond recognition by life’s trials. Let’s face it, life happens, but you do not have to allow life to destroy you. What you will learn by reading these amazing stories is that you too can overcome. You will be inspired to be a victor and not a victim. You can and will overcome rejection, avoid being a statistic, love again after a divorce, and heal physically, emotionally, and spiritually. You can rebuild your life after losing everything. You are resilient!

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Amanda Lynn Davis is a liturgical praise and worship evangelist who ministers the
gospel of Jesus Christ through dance and the creative arts. She is the daughter of Sonia Davis and
the late Deacon Jake Davis Jr. who encouraged her to have a personal relationship with the Lord
at an early age. Little did she know that a personal relationship would manifest most intimately
through dance. Amanda is the mother of her beautiful six-year-old daughter, Faith, whose name
sums up Amanda’s walk with the Lord.
Amanda began dancing in her local ministry in 2006, expressing her young heart’s love
for the Lord – though not formally trained or fully understanding the call on her life at the time.
In 2010, she answered the call with a clear understanding of the anointing to minister through
dance that has been placed on her life. She serves faithfully at New Testament Gospel
Worldwide Ministries as a dance ministry leader after God’s own heart and with a fervent desire
for others to experience the power of God’s presence. 
Amanda continues to cultivate her ministry of dance by attending liturgical dance
conferences and dance workshops. In turn, she also equips and teaches creative arts to youth,
teens, and adult praise dancers, including leading two successful summer arts camps. Amanda is
very dedicated to the ministry of arts and especially loves ministering with her red bird flags, a
constant reminder of her late father’s spiritual influence in her life – and the confirmation of her
heavenly Father being Lord of her life.


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